The Imbiba Leisure EIS Fund is a unique opportunity to invest alongside the Imbiba team into a portfolio of mainly existing trading EIS businesses in the Central London Leisure & Hospitality sector.

Exceptional Industry Experience: Imbiba has built their leading reputation in the Leisure Market from over 20 years of leisure sector experience among the team and their enviable track record.

The Imbiba team has a long and successful track record of launching and developing businesses in the leisure and hospitality sectors, successfully generating significant returns to their previous investors. The Imbiba team previously won the “Best Exit” award from the EIS Association in February 2014, for their trade sale of Drake & Morgan which generated a return of 5.7x to investors over a 5 year investment term (before the benefit of EIS tax relief). This year, Darwin & Wallace have been shortlisted for the Growth Champion Award at the 2016 Growth Investor Awards – read more about this here.

Enterprise Investment Partners have been working with Imbiba for over 4 years, during which time we have closed investments of in excess of £30m. Each of the investment opportunities will secure long leaseholds and freeholds where possible, providing investors with a diverse portfolio of bar/restaurants and events based businesses located in the London area. Each of the underlying investee companies will have a unique trading strategy with a separate management team.

Track Record: Over the past 18 years, Imbiba has created and exited 10 EIS start-up businesses in the bar and bar/restaurant sector.

EIS Sector Leading Hurdle Rate: The performance incentive is set at £1.50 per £1 invested, the highest hurdle in the EIS sector.

Significant Co-Investment: Enterprise and Imbiba will invest up to £200,000 per investee company.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

UK Leisure & Hospitality Market

The Fund will invest in the growing Leisure & Hospitality market with a focus on London. The city’s attractiveness stems from the young, affluent and diverse working population, combined with the growing number of high spending tourists each year.

  • Of the 36.1 million tourists in the UK in 2015, more than half visited London
  • Tourists spent over £15 billion on London hotels, restaurants, shopping and attractions in 2015, up 35% since 2010
  • The UK ‘eating out’ market saw spending of £52.2 billion in 2015, and is expected to reach almost £55 billion in 2017

(Data from: Office of National Statistics Travel Trends 2015 Report, The Guardian, and Big Hospitality)

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