Kin Capital and Enterprise Investment Partners merge their two businesses, subject to regulatory approval, creating a major new force in the venture capital and tax efficient investment markets. Read the press release. 

Kin Capital provides fundraising, fund management, compliance and custodial services across the venture capital industry, covering EIS, BR, VCT and SEIS funds.

We help advisers and investors navigate a range of tax-efficient tools, and have over 60 years of combined experience in the industry. We make accessing tax-efficient investments easier.

Our Focus

Kin Capital, lead by Christian Elmes and Richard Hoskins, is geared up to face the challenges of the next few years by streamlining investment processes in order to bring a modern tax efficient investing offering.

We are focused on making investing easier, digitally focused and more cost effective by building an even more transparent offering to investors, who will have faster reporting services too.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to working in the interests of our investors throughout the course of an investment. We achieve this by working as a team alongside our investees, co-investing with investors, sitting on investee boards, and setting high performance hurdles, keeping the interests of our investors top of mind.

We hope to connect with you in the near future.