Since our founding in 2011, our Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) have helped numerous businesses scale-up as they venture into the spotlight. As we enter our eighth year, we are continuing to facilitate growth and open new doors to the most promising and outstanding scale-up companies.

Following the launch of our EIS Growth Fund, our third collaboration with Startup Funding Club , we are proud to have been involved in investing in some of the most disruptive businesses around.

With Spring now finally sprung, our SFC EIS Growth Fund has so far invested in 5 of the UK’s most promising ventures: 

Bloom Magic

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind blooming experience, trust Bloom Magic. They provide uniquely designed, hand tied and freshly-cut luxury floral bouquets. Matched with their unbeatable quality guarantee, Bloom Magic are committed to making a lasting impression.


Operating on a membership basis, Kashing create payment solutions for independent businesses. Also, they offer a range of financial services across all channels. Their core value is to provide attentive customer service and payment options to the independent businesses in need.


Petalite have developed SDC Supercharging technology, which offers consumers a range of battery charging solutions to meet the fast-paced demands of modern life. The stand out in our minds is their 0 – 100% battery charge in under 15 minutes, saving you an average of 49 days of tethered wall charging throughout the lifespan of your handheld device.

Transcend Packaging

The packaging industry is ever evolving. With a strong focus on sustainability, Transcend Packaging are answering the world’s environmental concerns. They do this by offering fully biodegradable plastic alternatives and sustainable paper-based solutions.

Truly Experiences

Truly Experiences is world’s leading provider of luxury experiences, offering a range of activities to create everlasting memories. They pride themselves on creating eye opening, jaw dropping, high flying or heartfelt experiences to suit any occasion. We need not say more.

This is only the beginning. If you wish to learn more about the SFC EIS Growth Fund, please contact Martin Sherwood on 020 7843 0472 or

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