The Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service invests in sustainable energy companies eligible for Business Relief (BR) with no up-front fees for advised clients, aligning the interests of investors with the asset manager. Guinness Asset Management has built a track record of investing in Sustainable Energy companies which have attractive investment characteristics: predictable revenues, low technology risk and low correlation with other asset classes.

Fees: No up-front fees for advised Investors.

Guinness Asset Managment: With over 12 years experience and over £800 million under management, Guinness has extensive experience.

Access to Capital: The Service allows for regular or ad hoc share redemptions (quarterly).

Philosophy: Guinness focuses on 4 key areas: Estate Preservation, Performance, Security and Flexibility.

Renewables Market

As part of the investment strategy, Guinness will invest in sustainable energy, such as solar. Sustainable sources usually qualify for attractive benefits, making sustainable energy an enticing investment opportunity.

Capital Preservation: Sustainable Energy projects generally have predictable, long term visibility of cash flows and index-linked returns.

Subsidies: Long-term government subsidies such as Feed-in Tariffs, Renewable Obligation Certificates and the Renewable Heat Incentive are typically available for Sustainable Energy projects.

Tax Efficient: Renewables are no longer eligible under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) but still qualify for Business Property Relief (BPR).

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