A new EIS growth fund from Enterprise Investment Partners and Startup Funding Club targeting outstanding scale-up investment opportunities. The award winning team at Startup Funding Club has facilitated investment in well over 100 companies in recent years, including notable successes like Onfido, Cognism and BioEpic, which have all gone on to raise further funds at significant multiples to the original investment.


We pride ourselves on working with highly experienced asset management teams, whilst providing quality and value for our investors. With a focus on transparency, we aim to transform exceptional concepts into successful and fast-growing businesses.

Founded in 2011, Enterprise’s team has grown and has over 40 years of venture capital experience, having raised £100 million in recent years across sectors as diverse as renewable energy through to leisure and hospitality.

Our objective with this Fund is to invest in a portfolio of primarily knowledge intensive later stage EIS companies across all sectors with strong growth and compelling exit prospects.


Startup Funding Club has been involved in selecting great start-ups on behalf of our investors over the last 5 years. During that time, we have facilitated investment into well over 100 new vibrant companies across many sectors.

The SFC EIS Growth Fund allows us to follow on into the successful and fast-growing start-ups we have supported over the last 5 years, and exciting EIS opportunities that come to us through our award winning network and syndicate partners. In July 2016, SFC was awarded the ‘Lead Syndicate of the Year’ by the UK British Angels Association (UKBAA), as well as ‘Best Angel Syndicate’ award at the 2017 Growth Investor Awards. More recently, SFC  was named ‘Best Rising Star’ at the 2018 EISA Awards.

We are very excited to be partnering again with Enterprise Investment Partners on our third fund together.

For more information on the Fund, please contact Martin Sherwood on 020 7843 0472 or msherwood@enterprise-ip.com