The Fund will invest in a number of companies, targeting innovative and disruptive companies with strong growth prospects. Leveraging the team’s expertise and connections as well as the vibrant startup culture of the UK, the Fund aims to provide investors with the combination of capital appreciation together with SEIS tax reliefs.

The Team: The Fund is a collaboration between two organisations, each contributing complimentary skills, expertise and market knowledge.

StartUp Funding Club

Startup Funding Club is a team of entrepreneurs, mentors and business angels specialised in sourcing early stage investments and accompanying startups in their development. The SFC team analyses hundreds of opportunities every year as portfolio adviser to several SEIS funds.


Innvotec is a long-established UK venture fund manager whose business model is to work alongside knowledgeable and trusted strategic partners to consistently deliver above average performance for its clients. Innvotec has a strong track record of early stage investments.

Network: The team brings in coinvestment from other high net worth individuals that also act as proof point and provide valuable expertise. They also provide a network of coaches, mentors and advisors to help grow Investee Companies.

Track Record:
The team has a track record of investing in the SEIS space as the Startup Funding Club 2016 SEIS Fund is the 3rd in a series. Since 2014, more than £3m in total have been invested in high potential companies across various sectors.