The Titan Storage EIS Fund (the ‘Fund’) is seeking up to £15 million to invest in freehold storage assets in the UK. Focusing on sites in affluent and densely populated locations, the new locations will be across England.

Freehold Asset Backed: The Fund will invest in freehold sites across the UK.

Established Brand: Titan Storage is an established and experienced team with 5 sites already trading under the Titan Storage brand in the UK. The team is now poised to build on their existing expertise to expand the business. Working closely with the asset manager Ducalian Capital, a private equity firm specialising in real estate, the funds raised will be used purchase target freehold sites, fit out the properties and provide working capital.

Strategic Partnerships: Ducalian has partnered with major UK property developers on bids for a number of attractive industrial sites with Ducalian and Titan Storage providing the storage piece. Ducalian believe that being part of a larger development will help increase visibility and value for shareholders.