Wine EIS

The Company is managed by Anpero Capital Limited, an experienced team with a combined wine investment track record of more than 65 years. The Company’s sister fund, The Wine Investment Fund, has average annualised returns of 7.1% since initial NAV in 2004 (as at 31 December 2017).

Exceptional Experience: The team has a unique blend of wine market knowledge, financial market background and analytical ability.

Prompt Tax Certificates: The Company is already trading, therefore tax certificates are quickly available.

Exit: An exit can be achieved for investors by way of sale or liquidation of the wine stock.

The Fine Wine Market

2016 saw the start of a recovery in fine wine prices following a long downturn and then a period of stabilisation. The market is now enjoying its most stable period in the last 5 years with a 24-month rolling annual volatility of 4% (high of 17% in December 2008) and has made steady gains in the last two years with an average annualised return of 14% outperforming traditional assets such as gold (annualised return of +9%) and shares (FTSE 100: +7%). This is due to the return of overseas demand that was given a stimulus in June 2016 following the devaluation of GBP after Britain’s decision to leave the EU encouraged purchasing from the Far-East and USA while supply tightened. Since June 2016, the Liv-ex 100 has gained 19% but remains below its long-term trend line and as a physical asset provides a hedge against the return of inflation.

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