Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service

Guinness invests in Sustainable Energy such as solar, providing stable, long-term and index-linked cash flows.

Merepark-windThe Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service invests in sustainable energy companies eligible for Business Property Relief (BPR) with no up-front fees for advised clients, aligning the interests of investors with the asset manager. Guinness Asset Management has built a track record of investing in Sustainable Energy companies which have attractive investment characteristics: predictable revenues, low technology risk and low correlation with other asset classes.

Fees: No up-front fees for advised Investors.

Guinness Asset Managment: With over 12 years experience and over £800 million under management, Guinness has extensive experience. 

Access to Capital: The Service allows for regular or ad hoc share redemptions (quarterly).

Philosophy: Guinness focuses on 4 key areas: Estate Preservation, Performance, Security and Flexibility.

Renewables Market

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As part of the investment strategy, Guinness will invest in sustainable energy, such as solar. Sustainable sources usually qualify for attractive benefits, making sustainable energy an enticing investment opportunity.

Capital Preservation: Sustainable Energy projects generally have predictable, long term visibility of cash flows and index-linked returns. 

Subsidies: Long-term government subsidies such as Feed-in Tariffs, Renewable Obligation Certificates and the Renewable Heat Incentive are typically available for Sustainable Energy projects.

Tax Efficient: Renewables are no longer eligible under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) but still qualify for Business Property Relief (BPR).

Offer Details

  • No up-front fees for advised clients
  • Minimum investment of £25,000
  • Target return of 5%
  • Bi-annual investor updates and portfolio valuations
  • Returns can be accessed through regular redemptions or retained within the Service for capital growth

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More Information

If you would like more information about the Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service, please contact us on 020 7843 0470.

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