Through a unique blend of regulatory knowledge and real-world investment industry experience, we provide a range of consulting solutions that are easy to understand, useful and work in practice.

The consultancy services to clients provided include: direct FCA authorisation applications, outsourced compliance monitoring, regulatory reporting, and training.

Learn more about the variety of ways we may be able to help you reach your goals.

Appointed Representative

Becoming an appointed representative can be an efficient solution if you need to get your business up and running quickly. You may have been authorised by the FCA for a few weeks, a few months or even a few years, but it is always a sensible idea to bring in an external pair of eyes from time-to-time to make sure things are running smoothly. For more information click here.

Fund Management Solutions

Seeking to setup a fund and become FCA authorised as a fund manager can be a lengthy, drawn-out process. We can help speed it up.

In a similar vein to our appointed representative services, Kin Fund Services is able to act as fund manager on your behalf, while you wait to obtain your own direct authorisation. This can help to speed the process up and allows you to begin earning revenue while awaiting the green light from the FCA.

Once you are approved by the regulator, you are able to take over the management of the fund yourself.

Funds come in all shapes and sizes and EIC are able to provide fund hosting solutions for the following types of funds:

  • EIS/SEIS funds
  • Venture Capital/Private Equity LP funds

If our appointed representative or fund hosting solutions aren’t quite what you are looking for, or perhaps you are currently an appointed representative and looking to take the next step to becoming FCA authorised, we can still help.

FCA Applications

We work with the following types of firms:

  • Consumer credit firms
  • Corporate finance firms
  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • Private equity and venture capital fund managers
  • Financial advisers
  • Wealth managers
  • Insurance intermediaries
  • Payment services & e-money firms

The FCA authorisation process encompasses a number of elements, all of which EIC can help with. Broadly, these are:

  • Preparing application documents and a regulatory business plan

The core of any FCA application is the process of explaining your idea or fledgling business to the regulator so they can understand the opportunities you have identified as well as the potential risks involved.

  • Preparing financial projections

The aim here is to demonstrate to the FCA that the business has sufficient, good quality capital in place to protect the firm, and its clients, from any internal or external risks.

  • Preparing individual application forms

Our compliance consultants need to inform the FCA of the key people within the business. This includes those who own the firm, as well as the senior management running the business on a day-to-day basis, so the FCA can assess whether these individuals are fit and proper to run a regulated company.

  • Assistance with the implementation of policies and procedures

These will form the backbone of your compliance framework and ensure you get off on the front foot from day one with a strong grasp of compliance matters pertinent to your business. EIC will help you roll out policies and procedures that will make a difference to your business from day one.

As well as assisting with applications from new entrants in the market, we can also assist with the FCA Change in Control, Variation of Permission and Change of Legal Status processes on behalf of firms already authorised by the regulator.

Ongoing Support and Regulatory Reporting

You may need our help once a week, or you may just need it once a year. Whatever your requirements are, Kin Fund Services is able to offer flexible compliance services that suit all budgets and needs.

We are also able to offer bespoke, one off pieces of work such as regulatory training or regulatory change projects in reaction to new regulatory developments, such as MiFID II.

Broadly, our ongoing support services cover the following:

  • Regulatory training
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Regulatory reporting and prudential services (such as assistance with your ICAAP)
  • Anti financial crime reviews
  • Assistance with implementing and embedding policies and procedures
  • Regulatory due diligence
  • Systems and controls reviews and gap analysis
  • Regulatory change projects (such as MiFID II)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) advice
  • Payment Services

More Information

If you would like more information or have any questions about any of our Compliance Consulting Services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or by giving us a call on: 020 7843 0470.