Investment Management


At Enterprise we provide comprehensive, regulated investment management services, through working closely with funds and investee companies with the aim of providing ‘best in market’ investor reporting.

We are dedicated to working in the interests of our investors throughout the course of an investment. We achieve this by working as a team alongside our investees, co-investing with investors, sitting on investee boards, and setting high-performance hurdles, keeping the interests of our investors top of mind.

We partner with the strongest investment experts in their field to provide a comprehensive package of market knowledge (asset-manager) and Investment knowledge (EIP).


Expert Partnerships


A specialist bar and restaurant investor established in 1998, Imbiba has been recognised for their successful ‘buy, build and exit’ strategy, focusing on new bar and restaurant concepts in Central London. Over the past 19 years, Imbiba has created and exited 10 EIS start-up businesses in the bar and bar/restaurant sector.

The sale of Drake & Morgan in 2013, their most recent exit, provided EIS investors with 5.7x cash invested, resulting in Imbiba being awarded Best EIS Investment Exit at the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association Annual Awards 2014. They believe that their singular focus on the leisure and hospitality sector has helped us to deliver strong returns while also aiming to reduce risk.

Imbiba have partnered with Enterprise over the last 5 years to provide investors with multiple exciting investment opportunities. Of which the most recent opportunity being the Imbiba Leisure EIS Fund. The Fund, with a target exit of 5 years, provides investors with an opportunity to invest in businesses with unique trading strategies in the Central London area.

Startup Funding Club

Startup Funding Club has been involved in selecting great start-ups on behalf of investors over the last 5 years. During that time, they have facilitated investments into well over 100 new vibrant companies across many sectors.

In July 2016, SFC was awarded the ‘Lead Syndicate of the Year’ by the UK British Angels Association (UKBAA) and won the ‘Best Angel Syndicate’ award at the 2017 Growth Investor Awards. Most recently, SFC was named the ‘Best Innovation or Rising Star in EIS/SEIS – Company 2017’ by the EIS Association.

SFC and Enterprise have in the past worked on three funds together of which two are currently still open. These funds are the SFC EIS Growth Fund which invests with a generalist approach and the Epicure SEIS Fund focused on the food, beverage and hospitality markets.

Guinness Asset Management

Guinness Asset Management has built a track record investing into companies specialising in sustainable energy. These companies have attractive investment characteristics: predictable revenues, low technology risk and low correlation with other asset classes.

Currently Guinness and Enterprise work alongside each other with the Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service. Investing in sustainable energy companies eligible for Business Relief (BR) with no up-front fees for advised clients, aligning the interests of investors with the asset manager.


Current Opportunities




Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund

Generalist / Technology

Fuel Ventures EIS Fund

Generalist / Technology

Imbiba Leisure EIS Fund

Leisure & Hospitality

SFC EIS Growth Fund


Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service



Enterprise provide comprehensive, regulated investment management services, working closely with funds and investee companies with the aim of providing ‘best in market’ investor reporting.

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